Today’s political wisdom


1) in my morning paper, a terrific article on the new media’s role in politics, specifically how politics has discovered youtube: Campaigns now making stops on YouTube, By John Timpane. The best part is the internet has become a whole new playing field and voters–and the impact of the vids on them–are unpredictable. We’re seeing history in the making and have none of those tedious stats from past elections that are used by pundits to prove whatever point they are trying to make.

2) then a conversation with artist Celestine Wilson Hughes in which she noted how pollsters report black voters as being homogeneous–a bloc of voters. People are not demographics.

3) and then this came in from Roberta: a website called rednecks 4 obama. their motto: “We Hunt, Fish, Drink Beer and Support Barack Obama.” They too are uncomfortable with the demographic simplifications of the polls.

Thought you’d enjoy all this. I know I did.


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