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Art reality show? Bravo! or not


If you were praying for a Project Runway for artists, your prayers have been answered. Bravo is now casting a reality show with emerging and mid-career visual artists.

But Bravo has missed the boat on its casting call locations. Not Philly??? Yo guys, Philly’s the spot.

So if you want to try out for this thing, you’ll have to shlep to that backwater New York City, or else LA, Miami or Chicago.

Here’s the press release info:

[The show is] an hour-long creative competition series among aspiring contemporary artists who will create and compete to conquer the art world!

If you’re an emerging or mid-career visual artist with a unique, powerful voice that demands a bigger stage – well. . . Here.  It.  Is.

We want contemporary artists. Your medium could be one of many (or several of many) – painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, mixed-media – we want voices that believe in their art and want the world to know.

*To be considered for the cast, attend one of our four regional casting calls around the country, see below.*

Go to to download an application and see what you need to bring with you to an open call.

I wish you good luck. It’s not much of a surprise given the hottie artists looking for a break who pose and posture in the fashion and style magazine sections in the New York Times. In these tough financial times, though, anything is worth a try–well almost anything. So break and leg and knock ’em dead in Peoria.