Weekly Update – VASST science show coming up at Little Berlin

Disclaimer: I am biased here because this show was organized by Artblog pal and ad coordinator, Beth Heinly.  That said, Beth knows how to put on a good show so check it out.

Artists love to mess around in the laboratory. Among other things, the science lab is a place for wonder and hypothesizing, and art is nothing if not hypothesizing in paint, clay and other materials., Little Berlin’s inaugural exhibit at its new space in the upper reaches of Kensington, brings together 14 artists who have agreed to either take on a science project of their own (or with a lab partner) or talk about their art as part of a month-long lecture series.


Little Berlin partnered with EKG Breadboard and there will be sci-art and science and art lectures all month at both spaces. Here’s what we know: Dave Kim’s and James Weissinger’s project virtually enslaved Kim to Facebook for a month, trapping him in a world of likes, suggestions and event invitations that he followed up on in the real world. Presumably there will be charts and graphs and documentation about this. Derek Frech and Dan Wallace, when asked for a photograph of their piece, answered that it is “almost impossible to photograph.” Intriguing, to say the least. And then there’s Brandon Joyce, who will either hypnotize you or talk with you about hypnosis. Check for more details., May 6 through May 28. Opening reception May 6, 6-10pm. Little Berlin, 2026 Hagert St.
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