Friday picture post – Outside/Inside the Box at the Icebox

Rachel Udell‘s  “The Shapes of My Dreams and of My Nightmares” hangs at about eye level in the middle of the Crane’s Icebox Project Space.  Part of Fiber Philadelphia‘s big juried art exhibit, the piece is a carnival of crocheted yarn, thread, heirloom clothing, fabric, felt and fiberfill.  We love its Dr. Seuss-ian ambiguity — is it good?  is it going to gobble you up?  And it got us thinking about the late Mike Kelly, perhaps the first to use stuffed animals in his installations.  artblog’s first art safari went out last Friday to see this show and some others.  We’ll have a video for you on Monday!

Rachel Udell’s “The Shapes of My Dreams and of My Nightmares” at the Crane Arts Icebox