Next Monday on Artblog radio – podcast with C. Grant Cox, III

C. Grant Cox, has a rather thunderous name but he goes by Grant, which is easier to wrap your mind around. Grant is a 2011 University of Delaware MFA who makes sculptural installations from found objects.  Often the works have kinetic components (see videos here), and sometimes they don’t quite work, but the artist is fascinated with the idea of failure, so he’s into that as well (although for his exhibited pieces, he gets them to function and not fail, he said).  Grant is from the small Southern Illinois town, El Dorado, and he grew up in an artistic household that was full of stuff.  He uses found stuff in his works and collects things which he stores in his studio. He thinks of living in a big city like New York, but the town of Newark, DE, that he calls home now suits him for the time being. Grant was in the recent Pickup Truck Expo at the Icebox, and we saw his work in Young Country at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (that traveling show will be on view at DCCA in the fall).  He was in the exhibit Contraption at DCCA last Spring. His works are full of whimsy and childhood memories, something he talks about in this excerpt from our interview. The full interview will run next Monday, Aug. 6.



Right click to download the 43-second sample from our interview with Grant Cox