Coming up, the department of fish and wildlife – Tom Uttech at Swarthmore and James Prosek’s Ocean Fishes


The spirit of the 19th Century American transcendentalists is alive and very well in the paintings of Tom Uttech, now featured in a solo show, Adisokewinini, at Swarthmore College’s List Gallery (to Dec. 16). If you’re thinking Emerson and Thoreau, you are correct. “In wildness is the preservation of the world,” said Thoreau in his essay “Walking.”  It pretty much sums up the spirit of Uttech’s oil paintings of imagined scenes in the woods. I saw the show recently and was enchanted. Coincidently I received in the mail, a book by another nature lover, James Prosek. And I will have more on both these artists in another post tomorrow.

Tom Uttech, Mamakadjidgan, at Swarthmore’s List Gallery. Image courtesy of the gallery


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