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[This week on the Artblog Reader Advisor: You can now buy a fake Koons; a Spanish museum says, “Finders, keepers”; and Temple University scientists may have made progress toward eliminating HIV. — the Artblog editors]

The Crowning of Kitschy Achievement: Buy a Fake Koons for $500!

Animal New York

In a Fit of Pitiful Stubbornness, Spanish Museum Clings to Nazi-Looted Pissarro


Tim Draper’s Plan to Split California into Six States Failed to Make You Laugh? Watch Stephen Colbert Interview the Man with the Plan


Art F City Recap: Baltimore’s Alternative Art Fair

Art F City


Pot and Pennsylvania: When Will Philly Catch Up?

Philly Mag

Online Art Hub Rhizome Announces Three New Awards


One Step Closer to a Cure: Temple University Scientists Rid Human Cells of HIV

Temple Medicine


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