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[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: After 10 years, the president of the Met Museum steps down; reporters examine the power of propaganda in propelling Israel-Hamas violence; you can buy a million-dollar Rembrandt forgery on eBay right now! — the Artblog editors]

Photo credit: Nasser Ishtaye/AP

Water, Water Everywhere: The New Wave of Public Art in NYC

USA Today

The Changing Culture of Auction Houses

The Wall Street Journal

Rafferty Retires: Met President Steps Down

The New York Times

True Lies: Propaganda in Israel and Palestine

US News

fake rembrandt
A fake Rembrandt. Photo courtesy of Art F City.

Yet Another Knock-Off: Now You Can Buy a Fake Rembrandt on Ebay

Art F City

Pussy Riot Continue to Make History by SUING THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT

The Guardian

Mass Extinction on Planet Earth? Plants and Animals May Be At Risk

Yahoo News




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