The Artblog Reader Advisor

[This week on the new Midweek Artblog Reader Advisor: I’m depending on Elon Musk to save humanity–or at least to bring Artblog to space; a former CIA officer says the agency supported abstract artists during the Cold War; and procrastinators rejoice! We can now subscribe to infinite magazines.]

Instagram account
Via Murakami’s Instagram.

Missed Murakami at the Gagosian? Lucky Fans Snapped Photos at a Last-Minute “InstaMeet”, via Artnet

Let’s Just Leave Everything to Elon Musk, Who Plans to Build Internet In Space, via TheNextWeb


The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur, via The Atlantic

Don’t Bring Your FitBit to Your Checkup, via NPR

Jackson Pollock painting
Jackson Pollock at the Tate Modern, via The Independent.

Pushing Pollock—CIA Case Officer Admits the Agency “Exploited” Abstract Art During Cold War, via The Independent


Netflix for Bibliophiles? No, It’s Not a Kindle, It’s Magzter Gold, via TechCrunch

New Photography Book Offers a Peek at Pre-Yuppie San Francisco, via Wired

If No One Uses This Community-Based To-Do List, Does It Make a Sound?, via Lifehacker


This Week, One Last Chance to Catch Two Raved-About Off-Broadway Shows, via ArtInfo