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[This month’s Reader Advisor posts are brought to you by our guest editors, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, or Nicola, as she sometimes likes to be called. Today: Several ways to “optimize your flesh prison”; someone finally made an album of all the people noodling around at Guitar Center; and one lawyer goes after Uber and the on-demand economy. — the artblog editors]

Accessorize Yourself, via The Awl

I Can’t Tell If This Makes Me Hate Pat Roberts More or Like “Frozen” Less. I guess it can do both. Wait. Neither of those two are possible, via ABC News


Image via The Fader.
Image via The Fader.

Sorry Everyone, Uber Is Shitty and You Probably Shouldn’t Use It. When something is convenient, cheap, and on your iPhone, chances are it is the direct result of a disempowered labor group at the mercy of app-designing capitalists, via Fusion

In Case You Missed It Last Time. Fishtown is officially a yawning abyss and the first stop for Philadelphia’s budding “class tourism” economy. After you visit “the most beautiful” House of Blues (WHAT CAN THAT POSSIBLY MEAN?), check out any number of neighborhood bars and restaurants where you can have an authentic experience of “slummin’ it in the ‘hood” while enjoying organic po-boys and no poor people, via


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