Yolanda Wisher on finding her voice and discovering the power of poetry for social change
In one of her last podcast interviews for Artblog Radio, Imani Roach speaks with Yolanda Wisher, poet, educator, community advocate and Curator of Spoken Word at Philadelphia Contemporary (PC). Wisher talks about her beginnings as a writer, fueled by a mother who was a voracious reader and forceful advocate for her as a writer when she was in elementary school. The wide-ranging conversation explores why Wisher has a studio at Cherry St. Pier; how she figured out that poetry could be used for social change; her (not widely known) work as a singer and her upcoming podcast series for PC, which will enlist Philadelphia poets and DJs and include poetry recitation and music, and not so much conversation. This great conversation was recorded on Jan. 30, 2019, at Moore College of Art and Design's TGMR Radio, and is 38 minutes long.

Yolanda Wisher. Photo courtesy of Imani Roach

Thank you to The Galleries at Moore TGMR radio project for making this podcast available, and especially to Matt Kalasky for inviting Artblog to participate in the Moore TGMR radio project.


yolanda wisher



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