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Artists in the time of Coronavirus, an ongoing virtual exhibition, Part 6

In the face of COVID-19, Artblog is hosting an open call, non-juried, first come first-served online exhibition entitled "Artists in the time of Coronavirus." If you want to participate, send your statement (250 words max) and 2 photos to


Our sixth post of the series, Artists in the Time of Coronavirus includes Katie Pfeiffer, Terri Fridkin, Candy Gonzalez, Mel Calantropio, and Rita Leduc! Thank you for all who submitted! And if you want to participate, send your statement (250 words max) and 2 photos to More details here. Stay safe and stay positive, and come back in the days to come for more “Artists in the Time of Coronavirus.” We have a wonderful community and are so proud of being able to share everyone’s art.

Katie Pfeiffer

Abstract painting with works like "Mars" and imaginative figures drawn in red, pink, yellow
Artblog by Katie Pfeiffer. Courtesy Katie Pfieiffer.
Painting of a female figure with an abstract background and leaves surrounding them.
Artblog by Katie Pfeiffer. Courtesy Katie Pfieiffer.

I’m a artist/ intuitive empath living in Narberth, PA The last two years I’ve been immersed in making art inspired by two trips to a school which deals with metaphysics and an art residency in the Berkshires last fall (2019). My aim in creating art is to transform my inner world in a playful and colorful way. I’m constantly experimenting and exploring with various media. The first photo is a channeled mixed media painting on canvas after going into deep meditation. This abstract painting is 18 x 24 inches. The second image is a piggyback altered painting made from an existing nude study from the 1940s I bought in a thrift store in Atlantic City for $1. I used paint pens to create the image. It measures 16 x 20 inches on mat board.

You can view more of my work on Instagram @Kater322 or Facebook – Katie Pfeiffer’s Art Gallery, Saatchi Art Gallery – Katie Pfeiffer or my art website – I also sell merchandise with my original images at and Taurusgal: Designs & Collections on Zazzle

Terri Fridkin

Wood panels with color blocks painted on, connected by three smaller strips of wood that are painted pink with accent siding.
Terri Fridkin, Truth Is Bliss. Carved wood, acrylic , and hand cut recycled wood. Courtesy Terri Fridkin.
Wood petals with color blocks painted on and wood strips  with accent colors.
Terri Fridkin, All Inclusive (Space Fields) Carved wood, acrylic, hand cut recycled wood. Courtesy Terri Fridkin.

Terri Fridkin
Instagram: @terrifridkin_art

I am a mixed media artist in the Philadelphia area. My solo show at Muse Gallery, Double_Space, was postponed for the month of April. After putting in so much time, energy and work for this show, I was very disappointed. I’m sure other area artists whose shows have been postponed have similar feelings. At the same time, these exhibits feel insignificant considering we are in the midst of a global pandemic. During this crises, I’m glad I am an artist. Artists have moments to escape in their creativity. My abstract work focuses on balanced structure, intense palette and uncluttered compositions. Bold color has always been a major component of my work. It lifts me up and brings me joy. These wall objects reflect my minimal and graphic sensibility which embraces my gravitation towards order. These aesthetics provide a sense of harmony to counteract the chaos, noise and anxiety in our world today.

Candy Gonzalez

Sign that says "Yes! We're open / Only for takeout / and delivery / -fresh lemonade / -sodas" in chalk.  A Man with a giant suitcase walks past the sign and towards a building with a "TOWER" sign.
Photography by Candy Alexandra González. Courtesy Candy Alexandra González.
Sculpture of a rooster with decorative painting in front of a sign that says "Welcome to Calle Ocho Miami"
Photography by Candy Alexandra González. Courtesy Candy Alexandra González.

Life during the time of Covid-19 means leaning into my visual art practices that don’t require a studio space, such as photography. I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing my camera on my daily walks around Little Havana, the neighborhood where I grew up. In the past several years, due to gentrification and the development of tourist traps in Miami, Little Havana has become a hot spot for tourists. This past week, I’ve been savoring the relative quiet and calm of Calle Ocho that is reminiscent of what this neighborhood was like when I was a kid.

IG: @candy_alexandra1

Mel Calantropio

Drawing of a hand with palm reading symbols.
Drawing by Mel Calantropio. Courtesy Mel Calantropio.
Drawing of a cactus with sprouting flowers. Bats fly around the cactus. There is a full moon in the background.
Drawing by Mel Calantropio. Courtesy Mel Calantropio.
Drawing of a hand holding a rose. There is a snake wrapped around their wrist.
Drawing by Mel Calantropio. Courtesy Mel Calantropio.

Conjurings Shop is the brainchild of Mel Calantropio, a self-taught, queer and non-binary artist currently residing in Philadelphia. Their work explores their identity and love of nature through dark imagery and supernatural elements. Mel is also an organizer behind Trans Art Mart and this years Planted Philly Market. Like what they’re doing? Tip them via Venmo @/conjurings

Website & online shop:

Rita Leduc

Rita Leduc stands next to their large work of art. The art is tall and contains layers of colors in a stripe pattern, some of which contain additional decorate marks.
Rita Leduc in their studio with the recently completed Greer (2020, mixed media collage, 24″x67″) Courtesy Rita Leduc.
Installation view of "Interconnected" with large abstract works of art on the wall, primarily paintings.
Documentation of current two-person exhibition, INTERCONNECTED, at CMA Gallery at Mount Saint Mary College (opened 2/28/20, all related events canceled) Courtesy Rita Leduc.

This image encompasses my own work included in the show: four framed mixed media collages, one graphite drawing, and three large-scale collages (George, Greer, and Rebecca).

This exhibition, INTERCONNECTED, opened about a week and a half before the crisis really hit. I still have my marketing list sitting in my inbox, waiting to distribute emails, schedule showings, deliver workshops and lectures.

Thing is, the show is called INTERCONNECTED, and that is what I’ve been feeling more than ever these past few weeks. The work orients itself at the shared edge between my physical body and various chosen spots of land, and then visualizes a courtship between my own, socialized self and the animate site.

As social distancing shrinks our bubbles and slows our paces, my own familiarity with this body/land relationship is a resource I’d like to share. This work has taught me a language of reciprocity; one that is quickly becoming our only reliable currency.

Although I can’t meet or talk about the show in person, virtual engagement is alive and well. It would be a pleasure to speak with anyone about the show. I can be reached at and @ritaleduc.