Socialist Grocery


Narration: well- I don’t know what to say. Things are weird at home. Panel 1- Bobby (Sebastian’s roommate): we need to order bedbug-killing mattress bags on amazon. Sebastian: they’re on strike. Bobby: where do we get them then? Sebastian: wait...can you explain the tiger show to me? Panel 2- Bobby: let’s do the census, it’ll be fun. Sebastian: okay. Bobby: wait there’s no gender options- just sex. Sebastian: of course. (Or, alternatively, maybe “nevermind!”) Panel 3- Bobby: did you still wanna get food? Sebastian: yeah I’m tying to figure out who isn’t striking. I wish there was an app for this. Narration- and things are dystopian at work. Panel 4- Sebastian: woah did you have that mask before all this? Customer (wearing industrial face mask): yep. Panel 5- Sebastian: are you a raver? Do you like, smoke a lot? Panel 6- Customer: no I paint houses. Panel 7- Sebastian: oh...yeah. I’m sorry. I’m typecasting everyone with a mask like that as a raver who had to sacrifice their former life, but are SO accidentally prepared for this.


2020, amazon, bedbug, census, coronavirus, covid-19, dystopian, house paint, mask, mattress bags, Oli Knowles, raver, Socialist Grocery, strike, tiger king



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