Socialist Grocery

Six panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery"


[Panel 1]: Sebastian and Maggie (visible only from the top of the back of their heads) huddle together as they watch TV. The picture on the TV shows a woman sleeping. A man sits on the foot of the bed with his eyes downcast.
Narration: So, at this point in the winter, between fatigue, and just a general need for an immersive coping mechanism, I found myself getting way into Battlestar Galactica.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian and Maggie sit next to each other in bed. Sebastian looks up at Maggie excitedly; Maggie looks down at their phone, uninterested.
Sebastian: Wow, we should make memes about this show. People would love them.
Maggie: Well, this show is fifteen years old.


[Panel 3]: Sebastian rests his right hand behind his ears in a bashful excited way as he talks to his co-worker, whose eyes are partially closed and whose expression appears bored.
Sebastian (to co-worker): I don’t think I’ve ever liked a show before this. I pretended to like Breaking Bad, and like… I’m not pretending this time.

[Panel 4]: Sebastian (partially visible from the back) addresses the work break room, where two co-workers sit. One co-worker who has green hair and bangs looks down at their phone. The other looks towards Sebastian from the side and drinks a cup of coffee.
Sebastian (to everyone): Has anyone in this break room seen Battlestar Galactica?
Green-haired co-worker: Ooo, I have.

[Panel 5]: Sebastian pulls the green-haired co-worker aside and speaks closely with them. Sebastian is flushed with excitement and speaking with his hands, while the co-worker exchanges a look of both confusion and slight annoyance.
Sebastian: Ok so I’m on season two episode three and I just met Simon and I was totally convinced he wasn’t a Cylon but that Anders was–


[Panel 6]: Close-up on the green-haired co-worker whose expression has morphed from confused and annoyed, to blank and tired.
Green-haired co-worker: Sebastian, I haven’t seen this show in fifteen years. It is fifteen years old.