Socialist Grocery


Six panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery"


[Panel 1]: Sebastian and Maggie (visible only from the top of the back of their heads) huddle together as they watch TV. The picture on the TV shows a woman sleeping. A man sits on the foot of the bed with his eyes downcast.
Narration: So, at this point in the winter, between fatigue, and just a general need for an immersive coping mechanism, I found myself getting way into Battlestar Galactica.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian and Maggie sit next to each other in bed. Sebastian looks up at Maggie excitedly; Maggie looks down at their phone, uninterested.
Sebastian: Wow, we should make memes about this show. People would love them.
Maggie: Well, this show is fifteen years old.

[Panel 3]: Sebastian rests his right hand behind his ears in a bashful excited way as he talks to his co-worker, whose eyes are partially closed and whose expression appears bored.
Sebastian (to co-worker): I don’t think I’ve ever liked a show before this. I pretended to like Breaking Bad, and like… I’m not pretending this time.

[Panel 4]: Sebastian (partially visible from the back) addresses the work break room, where two co-workers sit. One co-worker who has green hair and bangs looks down at their phone. The other looks towards Sebastian from the side and drinks a cup of coffee.
Sebastian (to everyone): Has anyone in this break room seen Battlestar Galactica?
Green-haired co-worker: Ooo, I have.

[Panel 5]: Sebastian pulls the green-haired co-worker aside and speaks closely with them. Sebastian is flushed with excitement and speaking with his hands, while the co-worker exchanges a look of both confusion and slight annoyance.
Sebastian: Ok so I’m on season two episode three and I just met Simon and I was totally convinced he wasn’t a Cylon but that Anders was–

[Panel 6]: Close-up on the green-haired co-worker whose expression has morphed from confused and annoyed, to blank and tired.
Green-haired co-worker: Sebastian, I haven’t seen this show in fifteen years. It is fifteen years old.


2000s, American, anders, battlestar galactica, covid-19, cylon, essential worker, fruitflyfishing, Galactica, global pandemic, military science fiction, Oli Knowles, outer space, pandemic, retro TV, Ronald D. Moore, science fiction, simon, Socialist Grocery, space travel, television series, TV series, TV show



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