Socialist Grocery

8 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery" by Oli Knowles


[Panel 1]: Sebastian’s manager is on the phone with a customer. A small cluster of employees stand behind the manager, pre-occupied with their own tasks.
Manager: I’m sorry you forget your cucumber at the register, but we don’t deliver groceries.
Customer (on the phone): That’s not my problem. That’s your problem! I’m giving you my address.

[Panel 2]: The Manager rushes over to find Sebastian, who is holding a carton of eggs labeled ‘EGGS / HELL YEAH’)
Manager: Hey, can you bring a cucumber to a woman named Susan? She lives three blocks away.
Sebastian: We don’t deliver.
Manager: Yeah but she’s mad. So we’re one cucumber away from a bad review.


[Panel 3]: Sebastian holds a white piece of paper that reads ‘SUSAN / 1223 Franklin /ST’ and below that, diagonally, ‘CUCUMBER’

[Panel 4]: Sebastian stands at the bottom of a wide, clean, staircase that leads up to large, glass-paned double doors to (a presumably expensive) apartment building.

[Panel 5]: Sebastian walks inside where he is met with a receptionist sitting behind a desk surrounded by large house plants.
Sebastian: Hi. I work at the grocery store down the street and I have a cucumber for Susan.


[Panel 6]: The Receptionist stares back blankly at Sebastian.
Receptionist: Do you know what…floor she’s on?

[Panel 7]: Close-up of Sebastian’s profile (right side of his face from the torso up)
Sebastian: I don’t know anything about this woman except that she’s about to get on yelp.

[Panel 8]: Sebastian and the Receptionist both become visibly stressed out. Sebastian faces their torso to the right of the desk and leans on the desk; the Receptionist is still sitting behind the desk, facing Sebastian. They both hunch over their shoulders and rub their foreheads.