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Advancing past the goal and a book excerpt – Claes Gabriel!

Thank you to our 43 backers for pledging $2,737 towards our "Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia" Kickstarter campaign! In this book excerpt, an artist we love- Claes Gabriel- tells us about his relationship to food and working on art in the studio. Please consider pledging $10 to help us print and distribute even more copies of the book!

Colorful painting of a geometrically rendered goddess figure in light blue, dark blue, orange, purple, and green; in front of a radial beaming pattern in the background and an ocean wave pattern at the bottom
Claes Gabriel, “Erzulie II”. Courtesy the artist and Rick Tull/ Design With Artisan.

Dear Friends of the “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia,” we are back with an update on the Atlas! First, though, more thanks are in order! We now have 43 backers and $2,737 pledged! Hooray! More on that below, but first, an excerpt from the book:

ATLAS EXCERPT – Morgan talked with artist Claes Gabriel and asked him “So, what is a typical day like for you, you know, working, and making time for eating? What’s your philosophy?

Claes Gabriel: “See, this is going to be the most interesting conversation because I barely eat. I’m talking about– I have a double burner in the studio– eggs, sardines, crackers, beers. It’s unfortunate. And that’s the thing. Before the pandemic happened, I could spend 10 hours painting and have snacks here and there, and then go to the bar. At the end of the day, I’d have a burger. So when the pandemic happened, I actually lost weight because there was none of that- going to the bar and escaping the studio at the end of the day and resetting and talking to people. It was like studio, studio, studio, studio, studio.
… So I feel like food is tough for me. Food is very tough. And I think for the past few years I’ve treated it sort of like something that I have to do just to stay alive, to be honest. It’s just that as an artist, you get fueled and energized by painting and being inspired. I’ll buy a tube of paint before I buy a burrito. You know, it’s just the last thing you will think about is food.”

Claes Gabriel, a Black male artist wearing jean shorts, sunglasses, sneakers, and a gray t-shirt, sitting in the grass surrounded by his journals/ sketch books, and looking into the camera.
Claes Gabriel. Courtesy the artist and Rick Tull/ Design With Artisan.

Moving past our goal! This campaign is live until noon on June 3. We would love to receive more support to print more copies and distribute them free to more high school students! A pledge of $10 (or more) by June 3 helps propel this book closer to publication! If we pass our goal by $250, we will provide an additional surprise reward to all our backers!! We love our community, value your support, and believe in giving back.

Thank you for your help!
Artblog Atlas Team
Ashwin, Ilana, Morgan, Patrick, Roberta, Tessa