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Thank You, People! And a peek at an “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food” story excerpt!

We are loving your enthusiasm for the "Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia!" Read the updated information in the post and also an excerpt from our team member Ashwin's story of his mom's Tomato Biryani! The Kickstarter campaign is live until June 3, 2022. Click through to join the campaign. Thank You!

Banner advertisement for the book "The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia" featuring the book title, the phrase "publishing in 2023," and two photos of people featured in the book.
The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia – Coming in 2023

Dear Friend,
Five days after our Kickstarter campaign launch, we are thrilled at the outpouring of support by YOU and others for the “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia!”

$1,912!! We are humbled and thankful that you value our book.

In 2021, when we started work on this book, we asked for and received donations from a small group of long-time Artblog supporters who, like you, were ready to take a leap of faith with us for this book. As with those 2021 supporters, you are early and enthusiastic, and we are so grateful to have you join us in this endeavor.

A white bown sits on a wood table and holds tomato and rice dish with the background showing 4 cherry tomatoes and a small bowl with white creme.
Tomato Biryani, photo from Hebbars Kitchen website

As a special treat, we offer an excerpt from the book by our team member, Ashwin, from his “Tomato Biryani” story:

“Over the years, my mother fully realized her love for cooking and began to treat food as the grand global unifier that it was. Though she was a world-class chef her whole life, she knew that this was her opportunity to show me that Indian food was not something to be clowned by White kids – these were ancient recipes, often vegetarian, always healthy, and bursting with the flavor of a thousand spices…She made it her mission to get me to love my heritage, starting with the medium of food.”

Given the support we have received thus far through the Kickstarter campaign, we hope to exceed our initial goal of $2,500, so that we can make the Artblog Atlas even better – with additional works of beautiful, original art and more pages featuring important issues and stories!

If you have already pledged to this project, we are deeply grateful for your generosity. There’s still time to pledge and get your own copy of this unique book.

Here is our promise to you all: If we pass our goal by $250, we will provide an additional surprise reward to all our backers!! We love our community, value your support, and believe in giving back.

Thank you!
“Artblog Atlas” Team
Ashwin, Ilana, Morgan, Patrick, Roberta, Tessa