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We are so happy to report that in 15 days, our Kickstarter campaign for the Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia met its goal! We are deeply thankful to the 39 supporters who so far have backed our project. The campaign is live for another 15 days -- until noon on June 3, 2022. If you haven't yet, please consider joining us in helping to create this community resource with stories, original art, photos and recipes, all about art and food and food justice in Philadelphia. Thank You again, people, for your support of what we do here at Artblog.

Banner advertisement for the book "The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia" featuring the book title, the phrase "publishing in 2023," and two photos of people featured in the book.
The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia – Coming in 2023

We are beyond delighted with the support for our social-justice themed book, “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia!” In 15 days, we made it to our Kickstarter goal of $2,500 in pledges. In the next 15 days, we will keep you updated on our book’s further progress, and we hope more folks will come show their support and join our campaign. Creating a book is a long project and printing and distribution and other costs add up.

A grid of faces appears showcased with blue square backgrounds. Names of the people depicted appear below their pictures and the works "Thank You" appear in the bottom right in blue and red.

Close-up on the hands of a Black woman as she takes a sprig of what looks like pine from a ceramic white cup with black illustrations on it that's sitting on a wooden table.
Featured in the “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia”. Khaliah D. Pitts, Altar Offering, Our Mother’s Kitchens. Courtesy Shivon Pearl Love and Khaliah D. Pitts, Our Mothers’ Kitchens

Work on the book is progressing!

This month, we are interviewing activist Chef Kurt Evans about his “End Mass Incarceration” (EMI) dinner series and his Down North Pizza shop, whose business model is to exclusively hire formerly incarcerated individuals who are re-entering society. We’ll also talk with Chef Kurt about “Everybody Eats,” a project to feed people in food insecure locations, like spots in West Philadelphia. The project spun from the civil unrest after George Floyd’s killing, which left many bodegas and small groceries decimated — and people hungry for food.

In addition, we talked with Terri Saulin, artist, educator, long-time member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid, gallery owner (#5 Butchie Alley) and former Chef and Bartender at famed and long-closed nightspot, Black Banana and also the beloved and also long-closed Judy’s Cafe.

She told us that if she had $10 million she would open a restaurant that was equitable, welcoming, paid its staff equitably and treated them well, and she’d start a community fridge out front. About “plating” she said, it’s art — like drawing on the plate with the food. Terri makes great soups from scratch and without a recipe and promised to write one down to share with all of you in our Atlas (she mentioned mushroom soup with whiskey, and we can only hope)!

Moving past the goal!

This Kickstarter campaign is live until noon on June 3. Tell your friends and neighbors about the “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia.” We would love to have their support! A $10 (or more) pledge by June 3, will help propel this book even closer to publication! We are proud to call YOU part of our Atlas family. Invite your friends and neighbors to be part of the Atlas family as well!
Thank you!
Artblog Atlas Team
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