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Socialist Grocery


Six panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian, while stocking inventory, encounters two men who are looking for lunch meat-- and specifically, a woman to help them find it. When Sebastian asks them if they need help, they're confused as to whether or not Sebastian is a woman. They decide they're not sure, to which, Sebastian agrees- he's not either.


[Panel 1]: Two men– one with a goatee and short hair, the other bald with round glasses– walk down an aisle in the grocery store where Sebastian works; Sebastian stands in the background counting inventory.
Man with goatee: Hey, I don’t see that lunch meat we like.
Man with bald head: I wish there was a woman around to help us find it.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian approaches the man with a bald head, locking eyes with him
Sebastian: Did you two say you needed help finding something?

[Panel 3]: Close-up on the man with the bald head, who looks confused.
Man with bald head: Well you’re not a woman.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on Sebastian, startled…
Man with bald head: Or…

[Panel 5]: The man with a bald head and Sebastian continue to lock eyes…
Man with bald head: Maybe you are?

[Panel 6]: The man with a bald head and Sebastian turn their backs to each other, both hanging their heads down, as if defeated. The man begins to walk away; Sebastian returns to their inventory work.
Man with bald head: I don’t know.
Sebastian: Me either.