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“China girl” by Judy Gelles

Judy Gelles and the candor of children at Pentimenti

I spent five summers working at a day camp in various capacities, including being a counselor. Working with children surprised me and I was amazed by the somewhat grown-up nature of the things that the children worried about. Some children who I looked after would often reveal worries or hopes to me, stunning me with their candid sincerity. This led me to wonder how children see the world. Judy Gelles‘ “The Fourth Grade” project offers a window into the mind and heart of a fourth grader. In the project, now on view at Pentimenti Gallery, Gelles interviewed children from schools in ... More » »

Dave McKenzie still from 'Edward and Me' (2000)

David McKenzie; Everything’s alright, nothing’s okay! at the Rosenwald Wolf Gallery

A young man in the nondescript uniform of his generation (trainers, tee shirt,…) dances in front of the automatic doors to a grocery store. His solo (captured on video) veers between street dancing and modern dance, then turns into the stumbling of a drunk. The slow motion, repeats and jump cuts of the video manipulation creates its own, sophisticated choreography. Edward and Me (2000) is the first of six videos in the Rosenwald Wolf Gallery‘s exhibition, David McKenzie; Everything’s alright, nothing’s okay! (through September 28). The video is smart and appealing – yet raises the question of what assumptions we’d ... More » »

‘Juan Downey shot by Yanomami’ still from ‘The Abandoned Shabono’ (1978)

Juan Downey; the invisible architect at the Bronx Museum

Juan Downey was an important, yet under-recognized pioneer of video (and worked in a variety of other media), who was active in the downtown art scene in New York, where he moved in 1967 and remained until his premature death in 1993. A substantial body of his work has not been seen in the U.S. in decades. The Bronx Museum of the Arts and MIT’s List Visual Art Center have organized this large and stunning, first U.S. survey, Juan Downey; the invisible architect,  which is on view in the Bronx through June 10.  If you are interested in video, video ... More » »

Detail from Yarnbombing 101 at City Hall Gallery

News – Yarnbombing City Hall, skee-ball at Haverford College, and much more!

Post by Chip Schwartz and Alyssa Greenberg News Bombs Away! Art in City Hall got yarnbombed — officially — as part of FiberPhiladelphia2012. Philadelphia Yarnbombing 101, Jessie Hemmons’ and team’s piece of the action is in the 1st floor gallery in City Hall.  Meta-Fiber, a juried exhibition, is in the glass cases on first and second floors of the building.  Yarnbombing brings to the white-walled gallery space the global street art phenomenon of “cosying” public fixtures with colorful knitted yarn. Meta-Fiber was juried by PAA’s Sarah Archer. And speaking of the Art Alliance, yarnbomber Hemmons will speak at the PAA on ... More » »

'Interview' in installation at Project Arts Centre

Truth or Fiction? Clemens von Wedemeyer at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

The epitath for Clemens von Wedemeyer‘s The Fourth Wall, through Jan. 29, 2011 at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, might be Anthropologist, heed thyself. The three-channel installation, supported by a printed guide, explores story-telling, the search for human origins, the credibility of film, the responsibility of anthropology and our tendency to view the world through expectations honed by legend and desire. The video one sees on entering the gallery, Found Footage, centers on the first contact, in 1971, with the Tasaday, a tribal group in the Mindano rainforest of the Philippines.  The tribe had been living a Stone Age existence in ... More » »