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Art Basel Miami

Miami Project, on the periphery of Art Basel Miami

[Andrea singles out several favorites from Miami Project, one of ABMB’s satellite fairs. She found herself particularly drawn to drawings this year. — the artblog editors] Miami Project is a fairly new member of the 22 smaller fairs that circle, like small fish, around the shark that is Art Basel Miami Beach. The dealers are all well-established galleries across the U.S. As usual, I paid attention to the work that was unfamiliar, and found a lot of it interesting. Rare sketches from Mel Chin Mel Chin’s work was on view at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans): a wall piece in ... More » »

Variegated Spirals (versions (1, a) and (1, b)) Astrid Bowlby, 2013.  Ink on paper mounted to panel.

Small-scale fantasy drawings at Gallery Joe

(Maegan appreciates the intricacies of several ink-on-paper works, and considers how an artist might choose to let go of her work. — the artblog editors) Showing this month at Gallery Joe is Astrid Bowlby’s Sample (d)(r).  The artist has chosen to display 15 sets of two drawings each.  The drawings are barely discernibly different from one another and are composed of ink and mixed media.  Only one of the drawings from each set is for sale: the buyer’s choice. Bowlby will keep the drawing that remains from each set. Letting go after creating Bowlby says, “The title of the exhibition, ... More » »

contraction, (2013) Typed marks on carbon paper 15 5/8 x 11 ¾ inches.

Abstract and corporeal – Allyson Strafella’s studyline at Gallery Joe

(Maegan’s review talks about Allyson Strafella’s two bodies of work at Gallery Joe and finds them both evocative of visual note-taking and the private language of journaling.–the artblog editors) Allyson Strafella’s studyline at Gallery Joe features a collection of drawings of the traditional sort and those of a less traditional method.  Strafella’s trademark is her typed drawings, typically composed of numerous punctuation marks typed together in such a way as to create an image.  Aesthetically, I responded to the works’ abstraction and texture.  As a writer, I felt connected to her work on a deeper level; it is familiar, like a well-filled ... More » »

Tom Lauerman, Three Quarter Quonset, wood from clementine crates

Cities without size, cities without color — Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly

City dwellers face unpredictable environments. Whether descending into subterranean tunnels or ascending into office towers; biking merrily along while inhaling large quantities of carbon monoxide or walking through the stench of human waste that wafts from Center City’s overtaxed sewage system, a day in the city is a moment-by-moment negotiation between the inanimate and animate, the accidental and intentional, the old and new. In a dialogue between the works of three artists all concerned with architecture and city spaces, Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly shows pieces that portray the artists’ subjective conceptions of the urban world. A collaboration between two artists ... More » »

Mel Bochner 'Blah, Blah, Blah' (2010) oil on velvet

Art Miami and Design Miami, 2011

On the way to Art Miami, held this year in the midst of a group of other fairs in Wynwood, across the bay from Miami Beach, I ran into Jayson Musson who was heading off to see a friend at Scope, one block south.  Jayson had come to Miami to do Hennessy Youngman Presents: His History of Art at the NADA fair on December 1, and commented that the entry price to Art Basel Miami Beach was prohibitive. It was. I mentioned that those of us in Philadelphia wish him well, but also wish his descriptor, living in New York ... More » »

Becky Suss, Hope Street, Sumi ink on paper

The adventure of landscape – Becky Suss at Vox Populi

By Hayley Tomlinson Imagine waking up from a vivid black-and-white dream, in which you explored a recognizable yet distant city dense with foliage and structure, where the most intricate details were highlighted despite a sunless, cloudy sky, and you weren’t quite sure whether you were looking at a mural or real life. This is exactly how I felt when first viewing Becky Suss’ drawings, on display at Vox Populi. Her landscape drawings, void of any human activity, made me reminisce about being a child and exploring the depths of my grandma’s backyard, or weaving in and out of the strange ... More » »

Rembrandt Harmensz. Van Rijn ‘The Last Supper, after Leonardo’ (1634-35) red chalk, 14 1/4 x 18 11/16", Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus at the PMA

Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus brings a group of extraordinary paintings, drawings and prints by Rembrandt and his pupils to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA; organized by the PMA, the Louvre and the Detroit Institute of Arts, the exhibition is in Philadelphia through Oct. 30, 2011). It was conceived as a thematic exhibition exploring a question about Christian imagery, but the works can be viewed in many ways and will interest visitors for a wide range of reasons.  Rembrandt’s work is rarely seen in Philadelphia, so let me begin with a short list of works from the exhibition, ... More » »


Lots of News!

News Philadelphia Museum of Art highlights ten local artists Starting September 10, the PMA will host Here and Now: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs by Ten Philadelphia Artists.

Mel Kadel, Small Escape, 2009, pen and ink wash

Mel Kadel reinvents Superwoman, at Moore

I’ve always suspected that Superwoman was really a trannie (for sure Xena). Big shoulders. Big hair. Big powers. But she was nothing like any woman–or trannie–I ever knew. She’s Superman in a bustier–a weak copy of a guy’s dream of adventure and power.

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