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Robert Alexander

A look at North Philadelphia in film — Unedited Philadelphia at the Wagner Free Institute of Science

[Kitty draws us into a night of history, photography, film, and community, in an evening spent remembering the stories of North Philly. — the artblog editors] Frozen in time All that was missing were the sounds of yesteryear: * As cops stood around, with assistant police commissioner Frank Rizzo in their midst, as the 1964 Columbia Avenue riot cooled down. * As “screaming” teenagers watched Stevie Wonder, the Jackson Five, James Brown, and others perform silently at the Uptown Theater. * As Langston Hughes read from his poetry book: “Hold fast to dreams…” at the Pyramid Club. * As Philadelphia printmaker ... More » »

Film still

“Whiplash” film review — How far would you go for your art?

[Donald reviews “Whiplash,” a film that opened the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and finds personal connections to his own conservatory experience. — the artblog editors] What will a young man do for what he loves: his art? How far is too far? When does one draw the line in this everlasting mission? The answer is unclear, as any serious artist knows that you spend your entire life searching for the best result. The “best result” can be another term for perfection, which is impossible, of course. Perfection is like a continuous mathematics problem. You can only go to infinity and ... More » »


The artblog Reader Advisor — first edition!

[Hey artblog readers, check out our brand-new, weekly Reader Advisor, where we deliver the web’s art-related must-reads. From interviews with artists to tech exposés, let the artblog RA guide you! — the artblog editors] Gallery Goes Gaga: Lady Gaga Gallery Promotes Star at THE OUT in NYC Artinfo Global Trends for Film in the 21st Century: What Cannes Really Means Los Angeles Times You Gonna Pay for That? Tax-Evading Real Estate Magnate Refuses to Pay for His Art Art F City Dumping on the Biennial — Angry Women and Where the Whitney Went Wrong The New Inquiry Culture, Commerce, and ... More » »

At the start of the show a series of objects confront viewers before proceeding to the films and trailers

Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic by Tiona McClodden

[Rachel moves through a series of video “visions” and accompanying art objects created by Tiona McClodden — the artblog editors] A sleeping bag and bright blue shield mark the interior entrance of the Science Center at 35th and Market Streets. The pairing immediately transmits feelings of protection, fear, veneration, and shelter. An eerie familiarity is communicated as you begin to move through the space, gazing into portraits with fireworks transposed onto photographic surfaces. The exhibition is Tiona McClodden’s Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic, Movement I – The Visions, on view at the Esther Klein Gallery through March 15. Co-presented ... More » »

Fernand Léger ‘The City’ (1919) o/c, 7'7" x 9'9.5" PMA, Gallatin Collection

Romancing the Machine – Léger, Modern Art and the Metropolis at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

(Andrea calls the just-opened Leger show at the PMA a fascinating and dynamic exhibition that captures perfectly the early 20th Century optimism about cities and industry.) Léger, Modern Art and the Metropolis at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) through January 5, 2014, is pervaded with an optimism about industrialization and urbanization at a time, centered on the 1920s, when they were seen as the answer, not the problem, for twentieth-century society. It opens with a wall-sized projection of a film taken by Thomas Edison as he ascends the Eiffel Tower, viewing Paris through its cage of industrial steel. The ... More » »

Ancient Evenings: Ba Libretto, 2009, Ink, graphite and gold leaf on paperback copy of Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer, on carved salt base, in nylon and acrylic vitrine
15.5  x 13.75 x 14.75 inches, Marguerite Steed Hoffman, Dallas

A Plethora of Sources: The Drawings of Matthew Barney

—Maeve visited the Matthew Barney exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum this summer and writes about the exhaustive, behind-the-scenes show and its beautiful catalog.  The exhibit now travels to Paris where it opens Oct. 8 at the Biblioteque National. –the artblog editors—————————-> Matthew Barney’s recent show at the Morgan Library & Museum, Subliming Vessel: The Drawings of Matthew Barney, was a triumph in preparatory drawings and conceptual ‘storyboards.’ Those mystified by Barney’s gleefully-heady films and performances were given the opportunity to access an assortment of clues elucidating the artist’s countless and convoluted references. While the show at the Morgan ended ... More » »

Within Mirrors

Within Mirrors – Successful collaboration of short films by Paul Clipson with Sound by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

It is not uncommon for the current generation of experimental and noise musicians to incorporate film into their performances. Oftentimes, the moving images feel arbitrarily chosen, as if selected merely to give the audience something to look at during performances in which the artists remain static. In rare instances, however, the relationship of abstract music to the film images with which it is paired is a symbiotic one, each informing and complementing the other. Such is the case on “Within Mirrors,” a DVD collection of seven short films, originally released between 2005 and 2008, by Paul Clipson featuring music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. ... More » »

Tacita Dean, JG, 2013. Color and black & white anamorphic 35mm film with optical sound,
261⁄2 minutes.

Primordial and meditative – Tacita Dean’s film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery

It’s Tacita Dean season in Philadelphia. With her six films of Merce Cunningham performing a John Cage piece, STILLNESS, at the Fabric Workshop and Museum and the debut of her new film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery, the British-born, Berlin-based artist and champion of 16mm filmmaking makes her case for the old school methods in a pithy and beautiful work. JG could be the poster child for the slow film movement, if there was one. The 26 1/2 minute meditation on landscape, time and death and life in the natural world, unfolds like time itself, speeding up or slowing ... More » »

Sylvia Kristel

Manon de Boer’s film Trilogy at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with live programs this weekend

What do a Dutch actress best known for her performance in a soft-core porn film that was distributed in mainstream venues, a French-educated, Brazilian psychoanalyst interested in trauma, and an American interpreter of avant garde percussion music have in common? Is that even a worthwhile question to ask about the women who are the subjects of Manon de Boer’s Resonating Surfaces – A Trilogy, on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art  (PMA), extended through May 5, with additional live programming this weekend. The Dutch actress, Sylvia Kristel, who gained a world-wide reputation for her role as Emmanuelle in the ... More » »


Barefoot Artist Lily Yeh’s new documentary movie due out this year

Note: this article was written as part of Art Attack, the Philadelphia Daily News-Drexel University arts writing partnership, which recently ended before this story was published. Born in China in 1941, artist Lily Yeh experienced first-hand the ravages of that country’s civil war when her family became refugees, fleeing to Taiwan as the communists took over.  That personal story and the story of Yeh’s global art activism with communities from North Philadelphia to Rwanda and China is the subject of a new documentary film, The Barefoot Artist, now in post-production and ready for viewing later this year. Co-directed by Yeh’s ... More » »

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