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The 2013 Liberta Awards!

(Dear Folks, In case you haven’t heard, 2013 was the year artblog turned 10 years old! (See UC review article, Philly.com article, and Decade of artblog videos). Besides celebrating our own wonderfulness, we observed, as usual, the wonders of the artworld in Philadelphia. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and many, many other places. Local highlight this year: The Reading Viaduct project, spearheaded in large part by artist and activist Sarah McEneaney got underway–Yay! The Hidden City Festival delivered amazing art in amazing wrecks of buildings, and CityWide gathered the alternative tribes together for shows, panels, performances and networking. Meanwhile, artblog got a ... More » »

Kate Abercrombie, “The Catbird Seat,” gouache on paper, 28 x 21 ¼ in.

New Wine, New Bottle – The sophomore exhibit at the new Fleisher-Ollman

—>Sam visits Fleisher-Ollman’s new gallery and encounters some heady art, both abstract and narrative.—-the artblog editors———————–> One of the first things you’ll notice in Fleisher-Ollman’s new Arch Street location is the high ceilings. Compared to the former location in the historic 1616 Walnut Street office building, where a 1930s-style doorman greeted guests and the low-ceilinged gallery felt like a hidden vault, it seems like Fleisher-Ollman has moved forward in time, not just a few blocks diagonally across City Hall. An Edgar Tolson statue of a dog greets visitors from outside the elevator doors. Down the hallway, you will find the ... More » »

"Woodpeckers," by sculptor-turned-painter Ann Chabhandour.

News post – Kim Sajet to head National Portrait Gallery, happy tenth for Green Line, Ann Chahbandour at Towson, opportunities and more!

News This week brings major accolades for Kim Sajet, currently the president and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and now the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Portland gallery with a Philadelphia flavor opens: Amy Adams and John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery have teamed up to open a new gallery in Portland, OR. Adams and Ollman, founded to showcase 20th century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists for Portland, opens with an exhibition of two and three-dimensional works by Philadelphia artist Bill Walton. The show is on view from March 1–April 27, 2013. Between this, the recent ... More » »

Jayson Musson, The White Noise of Modernism, 2012

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery moving, Jayson Musson’s sold out show and more

If you got the latest Fleisher-Ollman Gallery newsletter you may have seen at the bottom, under the information about Jayson Musson‘s closing reception Jan. 24, 6-8pm, a little history of the gallery. And if you read to the end of the paragraph, you learned about the gallery’s move to 1216 Arch St. next door to the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Talk about burying the lead! We are super excited about this move of the Fleisher-Ollman Gallery because of what it means for creating a rich, varied gallery zone for Philadelphia’s North-of-Chinatown area. The zone includes a bunch of notable alternative galleries, ... More » »

Jayson Musson, "Sherrie."

Jayson Musson’s cozy chaos at Fleisher-Ollman

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery in Center City is in the midst of a fleecy, Frankenstein’s monster of a show assembled by the one and only Jayson Musson. You may also know this hilariously controversial artist and instigator by his alter-ego Hennessy Youngman, the Def Jam-style critic of YouTube’s “Art Thoughtz”. His current show entitled “A True Fiend’s Weight” pieces together canvases from strips of Coogi sweaters, the brightly colored garments popularized by the likes of Bill Cosby and the Notorious B.I.G.   Upon entering the wide open space of the Fleisher-Ollman gallery, one is confronted by varying sizes of stretched fabric wall-hangings ... More » »

Alex Baker, new director, Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, speaking with us July 24 at the gallery.  That's a Bill Walton piece on the wall in back of him.

Alex Baker, back from Melbourne and taking charge at Fleisher-Ollman – next up on our podcast series

Alex Baker, the new director of Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, returned this Spring to Philadelphia after four years in Melbourne, Australia, where he was senior curator of contemporary art at the National Gallery of Victoria. Before he went to Australia, Alex was a major asset in the Philadelphia art scene. He was an influential curator at ICA and PAFA of wonderful outside the box exhibits. In this sample from our interview, Alex talks about how living in Australia gave him a new perspective on art from the Asia-Pacific world.  The full episode will run next Monday. Right click to download Alex Baker ... More » »

"Light" at Longwood Gardens.

News post – Philagrafika begins anew, Flying Kite art project,1616 Walnut sold, opportunities and more!

News Economic news – As much as we long to believe in the vision of recovery the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance has painted for us with glowing news of Philadelphia’s rebounding cultural sector, another depressing barrage of bad news for the arts flies in the face of their optimism. NPR is confronting the specter of major budget cuts, while 1616 Walnut, the building that houses the Fleisher-Ollman Gallery and the GPCA is being sold to be developed into residential space. Both the GPCA and Fleisher-Ollman are moving to new locations (the Cultural Alliance’s new home is the Philadelphia Building at 1315 Walnut, while ... More » »

Nick Paparone at Fleisher-Ollman.  Lamps made from a stack of molded pineapple shapes

Shout out to a show that closes tomorrow – Nick Paparone and Dan Murphy at Fleisher-Ollman

This is a particularly good exhibit to look at as Occupy Philadelphia and Occupy Wall Street continue.  There’s little love for corporations in either Murphy’s or Paparone’s works, and yet, and yet, there’s a clear love of production; of doing it yourself; of personal empowerment that’s very 99 percent and quite a bit like what the founding fathers had in mind when they set up personal freedoms for individuals. Nick Paparone – Accents for the Self-Made Man

Warren Angle

News: Warren Angle’s passing, John Vick at NWAA, Wooster Collective at Print Center, and more…

News Warren Angle died Friday We are sad to bring you the news that Warren Angle passed away on Friday, September 9 after a long battle with cancer. Angle, an artist, was the exhibitions director of the Fleisher Art Memorial for many years. He will certainly be missed by many.  There’s a Facebook page set up as a memorial for Warren.

Brion Nuda Rosch

Off Camera at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

At this moment when photos of Egyptian protests remind us all of the documentary power of photographs, along comes a show that reminds us that even reportage photographs can have a sort of truthiness. In the exhibit Off Camera at Fleisher/Ollman, self-invention and inner projections rule in the mostly small works by 17 artists.

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