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Speed, Still, Sway — works by Mark Price, Joe Manuse, and Justin Bursk at Mount Airy Contemporary

[Michael finds the links between works by three young artists at a pocket gallery owned by a husband-and-wife artist team. — the artblog editors] Mount Airy Contemporary (MAC) is a small, beautiful gallery in a former carriage house in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, run by artists Colin Keefe and Andrea Wohl Keefe. The exhibition, Speed, Still, Sway features the work of Mark Price, Joe Manuse, and Justin Bursk, whose works neatly embody the Speed, Still, and Sway of the show’s title. Abstract collages and absorbing acrylics Mark Price’s eight abstract paper collages are incredibly smooth patchworks of intersecting planes ... More » »


II Ways at Frameworks Gallery

[Kelly shares how a show highlighting a traditionally two-dimensional medium succeeds in representing the multi-dimensionality of city life and landscapes. — the artblog editors] II Ways, Mark Price and Joseph Opshinsky’s celebration of all things urban at Frameworks Gallery, uses vibrantly colored cut paper in abstract and representational motifs to depict the energy, sharp angles, and scenery of Philadelphia. In the two-person show, cut paper–fragile and pristine–is a surprising choice for the subject of metropolis, but it works. Masters of their medium Price’s pieces are abstract and geometric, full of hard edges and hints of urban visual and verbal vocabulary. Also intricately ... More » »

Temple Silence

News – FiberPhiladelphia, new Woodmere curator, art replaces nightclubs, and more!

News FiberPhiladelphia gets underway March is fast approaching, and so are a number of events as part of FiberPhiladelphia, the annual Philadelphia textile and fiber arts festival. In fact, Mayor Nutter will kick off the March 2 ceremony at Moore College of Art and Design by proclaiming March 2012 as Fiber Arts Month. The first event is the opening of In Material: Fiber 2012 on Friday, January 27 at Arthur Ross Gallery. New curator at Woodmere Matthew U. Palczynski is the new curator at the Woodmere Art Museum. Palczynski was most recently the Staff Lecturer for Western Art at the Philadelphia Museum of ... More » »


Zine of the Month

Hello Readers! (Especially zine readers. . .) I have been sitting on this post for awhile now and it is way over due (and yet timely seeing as how on Saturday, October 17th  you will get a chance to see this project at Little Berlin‘s BYOTY Book Fair)–Mark Price has started a fabulous project called Zine of the Month. The project is what you would imagine it to be, Mark works with an artist to create a new zine every month. You absolutely must check out the website for the project, as you can actually view a video of flipping ... More » »

Mark Price’s Adam Cvijanovic chops –see Brent Burket for more

Great review of Mark Price‘s Glowlab show at Brent Burket’s blog Heart as Arena. Brent compares Price’s explosive installation to Adam Cvijanovic’s 2005 show at Bellweather, a mural that envisions the world ten minutes after the end of gravity. Price is a Space 1026er. We’ve been following his work since 2004 when we encountered him selling his prints on a blanket on the street on First Fridays. See post. Mark Price: The New Real Fantasy Now,to Feb. 1Glowlab30 Grand Street between Thompson Street and 6th Avenue New York, NY 10013

Art in Miami; Etc.

There were 21 fairs in Miami last week besides Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB). Call me a slacker, but I only made it to 6. I quickly eliminated the specialized fairs (works on paper, photography [2], design) and picked the rest out of past experience and/or because I was likely to find Philadelphia artists or dealers. Thomas Schutte Grosse Geister #2 (Big Spirit #2) 2003, polished bronze, in front of the Cerealart display at the Rubell Family CollectionBreakfast at the Rubell Family Collection. That’s not a Richard Long (the Long was on the ground, a hundred feet away; no kidding!) ... More » »

More out of towners on view here and there

I just put up a post on Monday about all the lively goings on that involve Philadelphia artists all over the planet! Now here’s a few more notices that came in to the groaning inbox and I pass them on with a big thumbs up. If you’re anywhere near, be sure to check these shows out.Jim Brossy in Brooklyn Jim Brossy Brossy shows his mixed media paintings at Projects Gallery here. Gallery 24111 Front St Brooklyn (D.U.M.B.O.) NYDown Under the Manhattan Bridge OverpassArtist Reception:Thursday Sept.20th 6-9 pmDUMBO arts festival runs Sept.28 – Sept.30(Artist in attendance on Saturday, Sept.29)Marilyn Holsing in ... More » »

A Morning of Art below South Street

by Andrea Kirsh Views of Mark Price’s installation at Padlock Gallery, images supplied by the artist. I made arrangements to visit Padlock Gallery for the first time, to catch Mark Price’s exhibition “Soft Comfort Forever Please” (and you’ll have to make arrangements; this private gallery is in owner, Ted Passon’s South Philly house. I admit I’m late to discover Price (although I bought a package of his buttons at Minnow when Libby and I visited a month or so ago; I wear them on my winter jacket). The show is well worth the effort. The artist employed a wonderful graphic ... More » »


Skateboard culture

The can is a piece of art by Jason Fritzsche. Left over from an art exhibit at Minnow, it’s now used in a display of other goods. “You have to go to Jinxed,” said artblog correspondent Andrea Kirsh. So we went there and to Minnow, Saturday, two South Street area emporia that specialize in the hand-crafted side of skateboard culture. How much was handcrafted? Oh, tons of it. And between the two stores, I felt like I had gone to an art show. Metal The highlight of the day, however, was something said by Metal, the owner of Minnow, at ... More » »