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Matthew Green at our interview, Jan. 20, 2014, at  CultureWorks.

Matthew Green on the lure of painting and the Meadowlands – on artblog radio

Matthew Green’s realist oil paintings depict the natural world punctuated by pieces of the built environment that intrude and insist on the human presence in the landscape. Green’s works are pristine and forlorn and raise issues of ecology and the age-old struggle of humankind to subdue the natural world. We met Green in 2003, our first year of blogging.  On a hot summer First Friday in Old City he was selling his beautifully-rendered paintings of Philadelphia’s abandoned buildings on Second Street.  While he doesn’t sell his work on the street anymore his works now sell (successfully) online. Matt’s subject has switched ... More » »

Harpignies Constellation, 2012-2013
Acrylic paint, ink, thread and resin on linen
18 x 24 inches

The magic of Edward McHugh’s Law of Reflection at Gallery 339

Oceanic in more ways than one, Edward McHugh’s photographs are expansive and infused with a headiness that is usually the province of nineteenth-century landscape painting; a large-scale sensuality reveals their Law of Reflection. The law of reflection is the name for the scientific principle explaining reflected light — McHugh’s works are scenes that use reflections in water to  infuse their surrounding environments with alchemical magic. Resin and acrylic, applied to the finished digital photos printed on canvas, combine to enhance the bodies of water, the focal point of each photograph. What would be merely the equal and opposite effect of ... More » »

Tom Uttech, Ninbimwewe, 2011-2012, oil on linen

Tom Uttech and James Prosek – Monumentalizing the magic and beauty of nature

Tom Uttech’s works are a kind of mystical realism. The woods, animals, birds, rocks and clouds in his oil paintings (recently closed at Swarthmore College’s List Gallery) look like the real thing, however, nature in Uttech’s works has been transported to some extraordinary realm, where birds don’t act bird-like and clouds and bears are not really like themselves either. Take the bear/man hybrid (a stand-in for the artist and viewer) that appears in many of Uttech’s works, for example. It looks out on the landscape, its back to you, a mysterious presence in a wondrous land. Sometimes the bear’s shape ... More » »