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News post – Pageant:Soloveev back in play, Alex Podesta in Arlington’s CSA retrospective, new look for Leeway, opportunities and more!

News Maria Teicher’s skill for lending images of suffocation a terrifying grandeur was rightly noticed by New American Paintings during the magazine’s Armory Week highlights. “When looking at the plastic veiled portraits of Maria Teicher, you can’t help but find yourself a bit short of breath,” reviewer Elizabeth Devlin, Boston Contributor acknowledges. “We all have our struggles and it’s hard not to view the works through a personal lens, imposing our own narratives upon the obscured figures.” Teicher’s work is part of the showing by Arch Enemy Arts. Queen Village is always a little more incandescent when Pageant: Soloveev is in ... More » »

Drawing by Jenny Cox

Creative Sanctuary – Psychedelphia at Pageant: Soloveev

—>Sam sees a show of more than 100 works, with no wall labels, and gets an immersion in the colorful creative world of outsider artists and those with training. –the artblog editors———–> The group exhibition Psychedelphia featuring 100 works by 40 Philadelphia artists, displays the diverse psychedelic sensibilities and styles of the artists, characterized by hallucinatory exploration of infinity and the complexity of experience. The show in Pageant: Soloveev’s intimate gallery features two- and three-dimentional works of various scales by established artists and some new to the scene. All of the works are gathered together on tables and on the ... More » »

Hunter Stabler, S.H.T.F. (Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers), van, barn joists, mirrors, mosquito hammock, rain fly, bug-out bike, Mossberg 500, SSW 38 special, Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mark 2, various supplies and ammunition, oil painting, bug out bags. Image courtesy of Pageant Soloveev

Visions of Doom: Serpent’s Hallowed Tail Feathers at Pageant Soloveev

Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers at Pageant Soloveev brings together the surreal and mind-bending works of three Philadelphia artists whose art packs a large “wow” factor. Opened just in time for the much-vaunted end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012, this show includes apocalyptic preparations by Hunter Stabler, paintings freighted with spiritual symbols by Shawn Thornton, and the precisely chaotic works of Nathan Wilson. The show takes its name from an installation piece by Stabler, entitled “S.H.T.F. (Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers).” The work consists of a stained old minivan loaded with survivalist gear that has been set underneath barn ... More » »


Preston Link’s perpetual afterparty at Pageant Soloveev

Pageant Soloveev is currently full of what appear to be a number of practical jokes – or artworks – by Preston Link for his show “Here’s to the Future and Afterparty.”  The objects range from full-on audio/visual installations to slices of fake pizza, actual hamburgers and pipes. Whether puckish prankster or Duchampian artist (what is the difference, really?), Link provides a body of work that, if nothing else, provides a sense of humor as unapologetic as it is self-aware. The star of the show is undoubtedly “Afterparty”. This box is constructed like one of the white, covered pedestals seen housing ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris, Episode 5 – Nick Lenker’s Apocalypse of Now at Pageant Soloveev

This 3-minute episode from our April 14 Art Safari takes us to Pageant Soloveev, 607 Bainbridge St. for an encounter with Nick Lenker‘s The Apocalypse of Now. Lenker lived in the gallery for 3 days last weekend, enacting a rite of passage as he transitions from MFA student at Tyler School of Art to graduation and the great beyond. Accompanying us on this tour are a group of intrepid souls including a couple of artists, two art collectors and three psychotherapists!  And stay tuned for two more episodes from the April 14 Safari, which will run here later in the ... More » »

"Icon" by Joe Boruchow - inkjet on masonite

Hive/Cave at Pageant: Soloveev

By Dennis D’Alesandro Hive/Cave, a group show containing more than 35 artists at Pageant : Soloveev through July 17, sees Philadelphia as the breeding grounds for a disparate collection of insect-like hives where busy artists shack up and take shelter. Once settled in these spaces, they are able to simmer, grow, collect, and spit out their art like sugary vomit to nourish their neighbors and children.

Nick Lenker, Golem # 2 "Prima Materia," ceramic, glaze, wood, adobe, string lights, and  in the right rear, Ascension,wood, ceramic, glaze, oil, fire

Nick Lenker’s destruction and creation myths at Pageant

Nick Lenker transforms himself into a sacrificial druid at Pageant Gallery. In his exhibit The Destruction and Creation of Man, he stirs up a voodoo brew of digital and handmade, ceramic and video, fire and vomit and water. The mix might give the witches of Macbeth a case of envy.

Sara Schuenemann, sporting her false teeth amid her own.

DIY Tooth fundraiser this Friday

Sara Schuenemann, artist, jeweler and Green Irene consultant is throwing a one-night fundraiser to raise money for her own dental surgery and for the Give Back a Smile charity that helps victims of domestic violence. More than 40 artists have donated tooth-themed art for the event at Pageant Soloveev. It’s a stellar list including Dustin Metz, Judy Gelles, Mark Price, John Freeborn, Hawk Krall, Jessica Puma, Martha Savery, Marta Sanchez, Andria Bibiloni and more.