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Ken Lum, speaking with us on Nov. 12 at his studio in Bella Vista

Ken Lum talks about Philadelphia being at a change point – next on artblog radio!

Ken Lum was born in Vancouver, Canada, the son of Chinese parents. He studied chemistry in college, focusing on pheremones of insects, but at a certain point he started studying art and making art, especially, monuments to slices of hidden history. like the huge crossroads sign”East Van” which commemorates a popular grafitti tag for the impoverished neighborhood, East Vancouver. That sign quickly became a symbol of pride for the community. Lum studied with Jeff Wall and Ian Wallace and his work has represented Canada at Documenta XI, the Carnegie International and many biennials around the world. He moved to Philadelphia ... More » »

Rocio Cabello and Renny Molenaar at our interview Nov. 4, 2013, at IMPeRFeCT Gallery

Next on artblog radio – Renny Molenaar and Rocio Cabello of Germantown’s IMPeRFeCT Gallery

Renny Molenaar and Rocio Cabello came to Philadelphia from New York in 2002 to raise their family and  get involved in the art community.  They started their community gallery, IMPeRFeCT Gallery, in 2012  on Greene Street in Germantown, not a traditional locale for an art gallery. But the warm and welcoming couple immediately found their audience — everyone in the Germantown community nearby, and many, many Philadelphia artists, and their gallery quickly became a neighborhood anchor, with interesting shows open to everyone, a community Last Supper of the month and a spirit of can do that comes straight from the ... More » »


Kay Healy on artblog radio – The comfort of soft domestic environments placed in the world

Kay Healy is known for her “stuffed” wall works, printed environments that look like scenery for a play or life-size relief sculptures. The environments are domestic, with chairs, tables, a refrigerator, a sink — printed and stuffed.  The artist is from New York, and is sensitive to people’s loss of their domestic objects because of her own experience losing things.  After getting a BA in art history, she went on to an MFA in printmaking at UArts.  In our interview, she talks about her life and her influences, including Pepon Osorio, whose work convinced her that art could have a tangible ... More » »


Next on artblog radio – A podcast with Kay Healy

Kay Healy is known for her “stuffed” wall works, printed environments that look a little like scenery for a play. There are chairs, tables, a refrigerator, a sink — printed and stuffed to look like soft, life-size relief sculptures. She recently installed what might have been the first floor of a house for her Fleisher Wind Challenge exhibition. We met Kay on Nov. 20 in her studio on Carpenter St. in South Philadelphia. In this clip from our interview she tells us about growing up in Staten Island, NY, and what happened to her one day in high school that ... More » »

Lewis Colburn, showing us his hand-made half-scale cinder blocks.

Lewis Colburn on history and how it morphs through the re-telling – An artblog radio podcast

Lewis Colburn loves history and his sculptures and installations often deal with historical periods and ideas at play in those bygone eras. We would have loved to meet and talk with him in his studio in the Viking Mill building in Kensington, but that building, which houses many artists studios and small businesses, was recently closed due to some code violations (part of it — the space Little Berlin occupies — is now open). Colburn is a CFEVA fellow and a member of the alternative gallery Napoleon.  His work is on view until Dec. 6 in the Citywide exchange show As First ... More » »

Lewis Colburn, speaking with us for an artblog radio  podcast.

Lewis Colburn – Next on artblog radio!

Lewis Colburn is a maker of whimsical sculptural installations that are sometimes life size and sometimes half-scale. The artist loves history and his works often deal with historical periods and ideas at play in those bygone eras. We would have loved to meet and talk with him in his studio in the Viking Mill building in Kensington, but that building was recently closed due to some code violations. Colburn is a CFEVA fellow and a member of the alternative gallery Napoleon.  Now until Dec. 6, you can see his work in the Citywide exchange show As First as exactly, a ... More » »


A short ramble through the PMA’s 37th Annual Contemporary Craft Show – an artblog audio review

(In this 2-minute artblog audio review, Lucy Heurich talks about visiting the recent Contemporary Craft show at the Convention Center and seeing all the fine objects on display, which caused her to think about the continuing divide between fine arts and craft.  More about the PMA Craft Show at pmacraftshow.org.) Lucy Heurich is a Senior at Moore College of Art and Design majoring in fine arts. She is a Pittsburgh native and hopes to stay in Philly after graduating. More information about Lucy and her work is at her website http://cargocollective.com/lucyheurich

Kate Speidel's bedroom curated by Justine Kelley

Bait Collective’s First Time, a 5-bedroom installation in their Fishtown house – an artblog audio review

(In this 2-minute artblog audio podcast review, Leah Koontz talks about the new Bait Collective’s show, First Time, in which five outside curators worked with five Bait members to install work in the bedrooms of their Fishtown house at 2216 Cedar St. This was a one-night performance, Nov. 2.  More information on Bait at cargocollective.com/_bait.–the artblog editors) [NOTE OF CORRECTION: The bedroom curator/artist pairings are: Ben Coover/Alien Moon Partnership Elizabeth Loux/Palmer Loux Erin Marmer/Rachel Akerley Kate Speidel/Justine Kelley Sasha Parker/Anna DeCaria Thank you, Ben Coover, for the corrected information–the editor] Leah Koontz is a senior at Moore College of Art ... More » »

Donald Camp in his studio in West Philadelphia

Next on artblog radio – Don Camp talks about photography, teaching, and performing magic tricks

Donald Camp makes extraordinary photographs of the human face, mostly, but not exclusively, the faces of African American men. He is creating an archive of faces that are usually excluded in the telling of history. Camp’s ghostly-looking works come about through some traditional photography methods and some very non-traditional methods that involve powdered pigments and scrubbing the paper. There are no editions in Camp’s work – each print is an individual, like each individual is unique. Camp shows his works locally at Gallery 339.  In this clip from our interview, Camp talks about how he likes to see his work ... More » »

Piper Brett, at our studio visit with her in North Philly

Piper Brett on artblog radio – When bad-ass art is good

Piper Brett’s art varies from exquisitely-crafted sculptural objects (like the painted-red metal bow that took up half a room in a show at Vox Populi a few years back) to work with appropriated pornography images and other found material. Her work is conceptual, and sometimes it can be difficult to confront the found pornography images in a public space like a gallery. Piper was a member of Vox Populi gallery for several years. We visited her studio on Aug. 2, 2013, to learn more about the artist and her work. Her solo show of new works, Soulmates, opened Sept. 12 ... More » »

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