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colorful painting on a diagonal

Posts in the Pipeline – Upcoming features you won’t want to miss

[artblog guides you through the great Philly art scene.  Our Picks, available by newsletter (subscribe here) curates a trustworthy list of shows and events each month.  But there’s so much more! Posts in the Pipeline tells you what we’ve selected to feature this month. — the artblog editor] Reviews and features this week Andrea Kirsh writes about the largely-unknown woman artist, Sara Dienes, whose work is at the Drawing Center. Katie McCallum talks about Alex Chinneck’s public art in London involving melting wax bricks on a house. Elizabeth Johnson immerses herself in the Bushwick International Exchange show. Donald Hunt goes to the Bruce Haack listening party at <fidget>, the experimental music ... More » »


The quintessence of collaboration – Damon Kowarsky and Atif Khan in Hybrid at Twelve Gates Arts

To create a hybrid means to capture and combine two seemingly different things to fashion one new cohesive thing. For example, look at a grapple. This hybrid fruit was genetically modified to combine the tastes of sour grapes and sweet apples- totally different flavors but somehow, they go well together. At Twelve Gates Arts, Australian artist Damon Kowarsky and Pakistani artist Atif Khan combine their two distinctive backgrounds and flavors to create the artistic version of a grapple. This harmonious display of collaborative work is aptly entitled, “Hybrid.” For 11 months, the two men exchanged a total of twenty sketches ... More » »

My computer’s heart of darkness

Miss me yet? huh? I’ve been gone for a week from the blog–not from Philadelphia, just from the blog. And I blame it all on iTunes. It started when Alex and Murray gave me an iPod for my birthday. But I couldn’t get iTunes to work right. I spent three sessions and hours and hours with iTunes tech support. Finally, they ran out of moves and blamed everything on my computer. So I called my computer’s tech support. They loaded up iTunes for the 6th time, only to have the computer get slower and sloooower and sssllllooooooowwwwer. That was it. ... More » »


Beauty and the beast of war–on the streets

anonymous sticker art, 8″ wide While I’m on the subject of guns (see previous post), when you see this much gun art, you know the war in Iraq and the local death toll from gun violence is creating anxiety among young artists. I pulled this baby off a telephone pole. It looks like it’s stenciled with either an airbrush or spray can. It’s a beautiful, pearlescent lipstick color on a kraft-paper sticker. Unfortunately, flattening guns, making them pretty and turning them into art is not the same as doing something about them. But it does help manage our anxieties and ... More » »


Cornucopia week

The cup runneth over. I want to share these with you and I hope to make a number of them. This is the tip of the iceberg, of course, since ICA is non-stop events with the Locally Localized Gravity exhibit. But I am highlighting what appeals to me. Hope to see you. TUESDAY, FEB 6 Art Grad Students to Speak on “Empathy” at Temple GalleryModerated by Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs Sheryl ConkeltonTuesday February 6 th @ 7:00pm, Reception followsTemple Gallery259 N. 3rd Street b/t Race & Vine, Sue Spaid‘s MFA students —Erin Arnold, Vincent Balistrieri, Chris Bowne, Rachel ... More » »


Aaron Williams at Raritan Valley CC

I got an email the other day from Aaron Williams, whose paintings Libby and I had both seen and been intrigued by in the group show, Field Questions, at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in 2005. That show was abstract painting and had a lot of good work (including work by the awesome Chris Martin). Williams’ work stood out with its suggestion of disembodied body parts in flat fields of blue. The whole suggested celestial human hot air and the idea as well as the execution was highly digitally-influenced. It was new and different and seemed to push the idea of human representation ... More » »


Laying hands on the comics

Comics: Up Close and Personal Post by Andrea Kirsh In light of the exhibition of Robert Crumb; My True Inner Self at the Rosenwald Wolf Gallery (see posts here) and here and my previous comments on Masters of American Comics at the Jewish Museum, it seems time to explore ways to gain a more intimate knowledge of this burgeoning field. Where does one find graphic novels and serious comic literature in Philadelphia? The Free Library has a healthy selection in their catalogue (including R. Crumb Draws the Blues), although many of the entries are marked “no copies available.” I admit ... More » »


Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch bring New York to town; Nexus next door

Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch with Lindsay Beebe Mr. Ashley, 2006, Mixed media, 82 x 26 x 36 inches The biggest art party in town tonight (Saturday) will be at the Crane Art Center. It’s hosting what may be the wildest show in town–Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s installation at the Icebox, Big Room Now. Trecartin wowed Whitney Biennial crowds last year with his outrageous movie of family dysfunction in technicolor, and some of his neo neon videos are also up at the Ice Box. Trecartin is now living in Philadelphia, and he and Fitch have brought a comic installation ... More » »


The Legs of Sam Samore’s photos

My Whitney Biennial photo showing Rudolph Stingel’s self-portrait painting based on a Sam Samore photo of the artist. The picture above is on my flickr site. It has the most hits of any one of my sometimes-fuzzy art and people pictures. It’s a Whitney Biennial 2006 shot of Rudoph Stingel’s self portrait painting in the room with Urs Fischer’s punched out walls and candle drips. Stingel’s painting is based on a photo of him by Sam Samore. Nobody has my photo as one of their favorites and until recently nobody had made a comment on it so it’s curious to ... More » »


Weekly Update – Robert Crumb’s Mr. Natural Wonders

This week’s Weekly has my A-list review of Robert Crumb: “My True Inner Self” at Rosenwald Wolf Gallery. Below is the copy with a couple pictures. And here’s Libby’s post and my flickr pictures. Robert Crumb’s sketchbook page showing a character who reminds me of Homer Simpson (upper right). This show will be a revelation to young students many of whom have never heard of Crumb. If Robert Crumb hadn’t created Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat and his other sex-crazed raunchy characters with bulging pants and snotty noses in Zap Comix in the 1960s, how could our culture ever have ... More » »

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