Here’s what I’ve been surveiling… Boing Boing, A Directory of Wonderful Things, a site I found through Daypop. (Daypop rounds up weblinks and statistics about internet sites and delivers them in usable arrays like “top 40 sites” or “hot topics” in blogdom (guess what, art is not a hot topic).

BoingBoing, an ebullient potpourie of interesting information, some nice pictures and just fun stuff, is run by four writers who seem to be California based (except for one, Mark, who just moved with his family to the South Pacific island, Rarobonga–presumably some alternate kind of Survivor gig) The site’s energetic almost to the point of manic. they had a link to some wonderful nighttime photographs taken in Japan on their front page today. If you fell in love with the way Tokyo looks at night in the movie “Lost in Translation” you might want to take a look. (image of Nagoya is one of many I scrolled through…at this scale it doesn’t do it justice–they’re much bigger on the site.)


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