The cow’s night watch


Curator Doug Paschall clarifies a few things about my cow

[Ed. –see post of Nov. 19 for image of a cow painting I found discarded in my neighborhood.]

Just a quick note this time to let you know, if you haven’t heard already, that your sidewalk-salvaged painting of cows is a copy of the Dutch Baroque master Paulus Potter’s “The Young Bull“, 1647, Mauritshuis, The Hague. One book I have states that “during the nineteenth century, this work by the young Potter ranked close in fame to the ‘Night Watch’ [by Rembrandt].” The Potter work has since found a more realistic level of appreciation — admired, certainly, and reproduced in just about any history of Dutch art, but seldom swooned over. –Doug Pascall curated the First Woodmere Photography Triennial at Woodmere Art Museum.


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