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Great expectations


So we’re making a list of what we plan to deliver up over the weekend for First Friday. In no particular order, here are our soon-to-be blog posts. By the way, we noticed that poets have been inspirations here in a number of venues. So here are pics of Rainer Maria Rilke (right) and Wallace Stevens (left below) just fyi:

1. Vox Populi has sculpture by Clint Takeda, video installation by Matt Suib and works on paper and on the wall by Katie Abercrombie

2. The FAB has installation by Ernesto Neto, international panty-hose art star, speaking at 6 pm tonight.

3. Locks Gallery has Jennifer Bartlett’s sea-inspired paintings from the deep past (1980s) and brand new photos by Eileen Neff


4. Digi-photo round-up of works at Muse, Highwire, Locks, Nexus and Vox

5. Pentimenti in its new location (145 N. 2nd St.), paintings by Sara Eichner and sculpture by Nancy Blum

6. Musings from the alternative art scene at 222 Gallery and Space 1026…that would be Brooklyn artist Rich Jacobs at 222 and three San Francisco travellers who make work about Rainer Maria Rilke!!!!! at 1026. (say what?)

7. Rosenfeld has Susan Pasquarelli has gouache and watercolor paintings

8. then we will rest

Note: We understand we just violated several rules of design as we frequently do by posting the poets staring right into the same spot in outer space. Somehow we thought this was appropriate. There.