Grubstake gossip


We always want to know what people look like and we figure you do too.

Here’s a few pictures we took Saturday night at the opening of “Grubstake,” the 4,000-person (really 18-person) collaborative installation at basekamp.


We’re very shy but people posed with enthusiasm for our digicams. Contributors Tristin Lowe, Paul Swenbeck (who organized the whole thing) and Clint Takeda gave willing smiles (at least two of them did). The glare is from one of the audio-visual aids, an overhead projector on the floor. (top image) Above is contributor John Gibbons and his friend Carrie Cook.


Contributor Richard Harrod took a moment to pose with Candy Depew in the kitchen when we were looking for Sarah McEneaney’s frozen blood-red money (don’t ask).


Former basekamp boy Justin Matherly posed with girlfriend Jennifer Macdonald who’s got a show up at Vox right now.


The two are leaving for graduate school at Hunter in New York in August.


McEneaney was sitting in the open window looking for fresh air with Joy Feasley, Nancy Stroud and contributor Isobel Sollenberger.


And last is Takatomo Tomita showing off the home-made currency the artists all contributed. Tomo’s pieces were cast out of solder.

Kate Abercrombie’s little coins were tiny paintings on button-sized disks.

Bardo Pond created aural atmosphere.

We saw Matthew Suib (who has a show opening at the Art Alliance tuesday night) and his pal Nadia Hironaka, Kate Abercrombie, Shannon Bowser and Aaron Igler.