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Tuesday this and that


From artnet


Buy an artist-designed t-shirt and support John Kerry for president. Pierogi gallery in Williamsburg is mounting a display of custom t-shirt designs by over 75 artists, Aug. 23-27, 2004. The shirts are $30 apiece, with the proceeds earmarked for the Democratic National Committee. Among the artists are Polly Apfelbaum, Dike Blair, Mary Carlson, Rico Gatson, James Hyde, KK Kozik, Louise Lawler, Christian Marclay, Marilla Palmer, Laura Parnes, James Siena, Amy Silman, Jim Torok and many others.

And from Pierogi…

I couldn’t find any further information on the Kerry t-shirts, but this Pierogi event looks like a winner. The gallery is having a 10th anniversary celebration called Pierogi A Go-Go which includes a mini car race. Make a little car (you can purchase a kit) and go race it. The online gallery of cars from past years is worth a look. (image is unattributed car from a past Pierogi race event.)