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Squint again


Artblog pal, Rob Matthews, whose reports from London kept us longing for ale and late night BBC programming last month, wrote to say that in addition to Mark Shetabi there’s another Philadelphia artist in the Jack the Pelican show, “Squint.” See my post for more on that. (image is the e-postcard for the show. If you squint you can kind of make out a Jackson Pollock painting in the background.)


Norm Paris, recent Yale MFA now teaching at his alma mater, is also in the JTP show. Paris had a memorable piece in the most recent Arcadia Works on Paper show — a drawing that compared the size of his own arm with that of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s arm.

Matthews says:

Norm hasn’t shown much around here because he commutes back and forth between here and his job at Yale (where he got his MFA). He will be in, I think, the 3rd round of the Fleisher this year. [ed note: actually he will be in the 4th Fleisher Challenge, along with Daniel Heyman and Lindsay Feuer.]

I don’t know what he’s putting in the Pelican show, but his Fleisher stuff is supposed to be sculptures of Michael Jordan or something like that.”