The out of towners

Philadelphia artists Dan Schimmel, Rob Matthews and Mark Shetabi each wrote us recently about their out of town goings on.

Here’s the roundup and hope you get to see their work.

Schimmel in Reading


Dan Schimmel, artist, curator and director of the Esther Klein Gallery in West Philadelphia is exhibiting large paintings of his own at Freedman Gallery at Albright College in Reading, PA. In addition to his work (which, by the way, pushes in a bold new direction), Schimmel curated a companion exhibit of work by artists who have influenced him. (image left is “Albino” and below is “Swimmer.”)


The artist, who was featured in a solo exhibit at SPECTOR Gallery in 2001, has the mind of a cartoonist and the new works marry that mind to something part surreal/part Gerhard Richter existentialism. Nice. Reading’s about an hour west of Philadelphia. Schimmel gets kudos for raising the bar at the Klein Gallery with high octane theme exhibits and interesting group and solo shows by local and out of town artists.

Matthews in Washington, D.C.


Artblog contributor and pal Rob Matthews, who regaled us with his trip to London last summer and wowed us with his existential, “Dumbest Man” drawings at the Art Alliance, is participating in a group exhibit, “Anonymous Returns,” sponsored by Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran. Matthews has one of his Dumbest Man drawings in the exhibit which runs from Dec. 10-23. (left is “The Dumbest Man over Knoxville.”)

Shetabi in Miami


Artblog contributor and pal Mark Shetabi has new paintings in the ratio3 part of the Nada Art Fair in Miami, Dec. 1-5. Shetabi, who’s also working on his second solo exhibit for Locks Gallery makes installations of sublime environments visible through peepholes. His grisaille paintings are pretty sublime as well. (image is “Attic” from the previous Locks show.)

Oh that we could all fly down and catch the goings on in Miami. Guess we’ll have to read about it on blogger, Franklin Einspruch’s blog, which has a new chromophobic (thank you for that word and for that book, David Batchelor!) black and white design, by the way. Check it out.