Crane art update

While charging in to Tyler’s Produce Gallery to check out the “PULP: Paper Sculptures” show (very good –Libby and I both saw it and I’m sure we’ll both have some or much to say) I ran into Nicholas Kripal, one of the Crane Art Center founders. Crane, you may remember, houses the Icebox, a glorious, high-ceilinged, unobstructed project space that has the most potential for giganto-excitement in visual arts of anything in this town. Kripal, a sculptor and Tyler faculty, says things are coming along at Crane, a mixed use space which will have artists’ studios, exhibit space and performing arts spaces. They’re installing the heating/air conditioning units in the studios at the moment. And, Kripal says look out for non-stop programming in the Icebox which is booked through November. We’ll let you know what’s coming up when we get the press material. See previous posts here and here for more on Crane and the Icebox.

(image is detail of Leslie Mutchler‘s “The Affected Model of a Flawed Paradigm in the H-O Scale” 2005, a kind of faux archive cum landscape, which, in spite of its title is a fun piece. It’s in the “Pulp” show up at Tyler.)



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