New curator, group show at Abington

rockmanneozoic2000Just a heads up on coming attractions. I’m meeting Abington Art Center‘s new curator, Amy Lipton, tomorrow and will see what’s on her mind for the sculpture garden and the indoor program.

Lipton is an eco-oriented curator who had a New York gallery in the 1980s and was the first to show works by Polly Apfelbaum, Sue Williams, and Mel Chin. She’s been an independent curator since 1995 and her debut exhibit at Abington, “Trouble in Paradise” is an eco-themed show she originated with Van Brunt Gallery in New York. (Van Brunt seems to have decamped to Beacon if I understand their website’s information.)

Fifteen artists in the show including Brandon Ballengeé, Edward Burtynsky, David Chow, Dan Ford, Adam Fuss, Joy Garnett, Fariba Hajamadi, Julie Heffernan, Joanne Howard, Thomas Huber, Alison Moritsugu, Kirsten Mosher, Steve Mumford, Alexis Rockman and Chrysanne Stathacos. (image is Rockman’s “Untitled (Neozoic era)” 2000.)

We’ve seen a grizzly, Rockman post-Apocalyptic work here at Temple Gallery in a group exhibit a few years back. Mumford is the artist whose drawings from Iraq are a regular feature on artnet.