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Arresting art–government going wild

strausscourthouseWe got this email from artist Zoe Strauss, known for her photos of all the things we filter out when we look at the gritty world around us:

I’m a little behind this week because I was arrested and put in jail, charged with defiant trespass. I’m back on the streets now. [expletive deleted] think they can keep me down? Wrong on every count. …Amazingly, this is not a joke (top left, a Strauss photo of a courthouse that Strauss sent along with this email).

We wanted to know more. Here’s her answer:

The level of stupidity with this is busting through the roof. I was just photographing the demolition of the [Philadelphia] Civic Center (image right). Right, right, I was inside the gate, but [it] was open! And it was a FULL arrest, frisking, handcuffs, locked in a holding cell, plus I had to be in court all day the next day. It’s not a serious charge at all, it’s just moronic.

…It was just a boring picture of the Civic Center that prompted my lock up in the Big House.

What’s going on here? First it’s the feds with the Axis of Evil stamp show (see Roberta’s previous post and links) and now, the local police and Zoe.

If you think this is a publicity stunt for her upcoming show, I’d say you’re an out-of-control conspiracy theorist. But we will use this sorry series of events to remind you that she’s got her annual outdoor show of photographs coming up May 1 under I-95 a little north of Snyder Avenue. Hey, y’all, it’s the place to be. Better than a party.