Projekt 30 winners

Projekt 30, the online gallery that juries in 30 artists each time for its two-month shows has a pretty good outing this month. I’ve written about the outfit before in this post. I still agree with what I said then — some of the work is slight (there’s always some tortured, fashion-influenced tits and ass photos for example); but the digi-stuff looks great online and often the photo-based painting comes across well too.

Three artists stood out this month. Not only is the color of the works a total pleasure but in all three cases, there seems to be a maturity and a clarity about subject matter that made me sit up and look closer and want to know more about the artists.

I’ll run the photos straight below and suggest you take a five minute tour of the show.
Stephanie Cormier, “The Vivified,” lambda print, digital image. Cormier makes sculptures from discarded women’s clothing. Her statement says she’s about body image and about our disposable culture. (The works — both in color and in their evocation of the cultural hodge-podge reminded me of Isa Genzken‘s sculpture which Libby and I saw at the Carnegie International. See post for a picture of Genzken’s work.)

Bruce Noel, “Euphoric Gems,” acrylic on canvas, 30″ by 40.” Noel’s work updates Miro with comic book colors and critters who seem to swim up from the cyber-lagoon instead of from a Surrealist dream.

Andrew Verhoeckx, “Six Pack,” oil on canvas, 48″ by 36.” Verhoeckx’s series of paintings of extreme close-ups of the inner workings of some old car (or fantasy car) have human bodies on their mind. Bodies as vulnerable machines.