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PS. Real Estate and Bark


[ed. note: this post follows up on this one immediately before about “Woods” at DUMBO Art Center]

Post from Brent Burket
It was interesting. I was talking with the guy at the desk in DUMBO and he was saying that he and a number of his friends were all contemplating moving to Philly or Baltimore. The insane real estate market is really killing feasible living situations for artists up here. Although, from what I’ve heard things are heating up in that area in Philly too.

Leo [Berk] should have changed his name to Bark for the show. It’s a really nice piece and it smells good too. Totally Serra in the way that while you’re going round and round you don’t think that it will ever end. Not heavy enough to kill any assistants though. Unless they got splintered to death or something.

–Brent Burket is Artblog’s New York correspondent