The list of the artists chosen for the first Voxennial, juried by Elyse Gonzales (ICA Assistant Curator) and Virgil Marti (multi-accoladed artist represented by Elizabeth Dee Gallery, NY) includes some familiar names, like Marina Borker, known for her tape on wall landscapes, David Guinn, mural artist, and three of the Black Floor gang, collaborators Nick Paparone and James Dillon and Annette Lee Monnier. Congratulations everybody. Should be a rousing good show!

Here’s the full list of names:
Alex Beroz, Eric Bessel, Lucas Blalock, Emily Blaskovich, Jodi Boatman, Marina Borker, Maanik Singh Chauhan, Morgan Craig, Kenneth Deprez, Nick Paparone and James Dillon, Sarah Gamble, Liz Glynn, David Guinn, Anna Hofverberg, David Kasdorf, Joe Levickas, Nancy Lewis, Jason Gene Loebs, Tricia Lopez, Craig Mateyunas, Mike Mergen, Annette Lee Monnier, Althea Murphy-Price, Andrew Prayzner, Naomi Reis, Jessica Ritter, Ruriko Shimizu, David Slovic, Amy Stevens, Kate Stewart, Corrie Tice, Brian Zegeer

Show opens tonight, 6 – 10 pm and runs to June 25. See the gallery’s website for more information and scheduled events.