Do NOT try this on your computer


I’ve been mulling over whether to put up these two links, because after all they are so self-serving. On the other hand, I did think some of you might want to read them. Goodness only knows, my family were wild about them. And I had to fan myself and sniff smelling salts after reading these (although the visuals me right back to earth–another good reason to need smelling salts).

So here’s what Zoe Strauss had to say about us and here’s what Chris Ashley had to say. I swear we didn’t beg for these, or bribe either of these amazing people (we may have labeled one of them amazing in the past), or even blackmail them. And I doubt the two of them are in communication.

But I’m adding that any of you out in cyberspace who are thinking, hmmm, so that’s how you get a link on Artblog, fuggedaboudit. Future paeans will *NOT* get links. Two’s my limit.


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