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LA out-takes, Getty braille

When I wrote about the Getty Center in that previous post I forgot to mention one of the great handouts I picked up. I like to collect things like the family guides to museums and other free hand-outs just to see how the museums are coping with their guests. Are they friendly are they stingy are they loaded with dough. I have to say that The Large Print and Braille Guide to the Getty stopped me in my tracks. It’s the classiest free guide I’ve seen.


The obviously well-produced and expensive piece of take-away information is a consistent part of what is a very classy and well-funded research/education and art center.

On the image (top is the cover) the left beige bar is where the braille dots appear. You can see the cover bigger at my flickr site. And for more on braille publishing see the Braille Institute Press, whose name is listed on the back of the publication, and while it doesn’t say so, I’m guessing they co-produced the guide.

Ending transmission…. I’m going to be putting up a few more photo posts…soon I hope…of things I just had to put on my scanbed and share….More coming.