Brian Wagner Memorial

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I went to Brian Wagner‘s memorial service at Drexel’s Bossone Center yesterday. (Wagner was an associate professor in the Design Program at Drexel). I could not stay for the entire service but I’ll say that many turned out and that the prepared remarks and the screening of the clip from David Miller‘s “5,000 Sticks” documentary video were very moving. Mark Campbell, a longtime friend of Brian’s said he and his 3-D design students from Uarts and people from the Drexel community assembled the 5,000 sticks this time. The work, which looks different each time it’s assembled, here, has an upward thrust that’s almost aerodynamic. The piece looks spectacular in the Bossone lobby and I hope Drexel keeps it there a very long time. Go see it. Bossone’s on Market St. between 31st and 32nd.

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