Peaceable Kingdom by USPS


It isn’t really like Edward Hicks‘ great paintings of lambs and lions at peace. But my new sheet of stamps from the Post Office made me glow all over with happiness. I didn’t have to settle for those ugly US flags or hokey “love” stamps. And what’s more the whole thing is like a Where’s Waldo puzzle because the stamps are nested and you’ll know them only by their 37s. And of course in January when postage goes up to 39 cents this little stamp adventure story will be obsolete. And finally, there’s a turkey in there, all. Just a little warmup for the day, Thursday, my favorite day of the year. By the way, the artist of this stamp sheet is not anonymous, it’s John Dawson and here’s more about the stamp sheet which is part of a series featuring American natural environments (tundra, desert, etc).


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