Philly takes Manhattan

Email from Isaac Resnikoff

valentineappetitefordestructionI had just gotten back from New York where Jina Valentine (assistant director, and co-curator of the New Acropolis and Junto shows at Fleisher-Ollman) was included in “Frequency,” the “sequel” (five years later) of “Freestyle” at the Studio Museum in Harlem(left image, Valentine’s “Appetite for Destruction: Top 40 Best Selling Records Ever”).

It’s a very nice show, with a lot of interesting young artists, and Jina among the very best of them. Her lacey, paper-cut wall panel, with tacky dead wallpaper delicately collapsing onto the floor, had a “read the writing on the wall” quality to it, and took the cake.


[Studio Museum PR described the artists as “thirty five of the hottest emerging, black artists of 2005! Living and working in the United States and ranging in age from 25 to 42,” etc. etc.; Valentine is the only Philadelphian in the group.] (top image, Valentine’s “Appetite for Destruction: Top 40 Best Selling Records Ever.”

Another Philly connection, sort of

thomasliberationoftoAlso among the best and brightest in the 35 artist show were Hank Willis Thomas whose “Liberation of T.O.” photomontage seemed very timely, at least to Philadelphia eyes (image right, “Liberation of T.O.: Ain’t no way I’m go’n in back ta’work fa’massa in dat darn field,” 2004, Lightjet print, 30 x 24 inches).

The show runs until March 12.

We Run Out of Continent extended

resnikofffopostcardAlso, I wanted to let you know that “We Run Out Of Continent” [Resnikoff’s exhibit at Fleisher/Ollman] has been extended through the 23rd of November, which is the day before Thanksgiving–which seems like a good time to take down this show (image left, postcard for exhibit showing Resnikoff, in appropriate costume, working on his “…Continent” creations).

[Our posts on Resnikoff’s show are here and here.]


–Post by sculptor Isaac Resnikoff