Earth to Basekamp…

Last minute invitations are hard. Here’s one I’ll pass on. It was in my email inbox this morning. It’s for a three-evening show, tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night, December 6, 7 & 8th, 5-9 PM at Basekamp. The event is called “Participate?” and that is truly the question. I can’t but maybe some of you will.

Here’s the info from the email:

An interactive project by Per Hüttner (Paris) in collaboration with Ciceron group (Norrköping, Sweden) and basekamp (Philadelphia).
With artworks by:

Active Space
Renaud Bezy
Heidi Cody
Hasan Elahi
Ivan Fayard
Emmanuelle Mafille
Valérie Mréjen
Stéphanie Nava
Louise Nilsson
Tomas Nordmark
Leigh Stevens
Frida Thorell
Ben Volta
Brigitte Zieger

The project is supported by Moderna Museets International Program, Stockholm, The Consulate General of Sweden in Canton, Linköping University, Sweden, and The West Collection, US.

Questions, call Basekamp: (215) 592 7288 or email <>