Wednesday morning pink eye


First pink water of spring, spotted yesterday in front of City Hall. Click the photo to see it bigger.

Enroute to the opening of Rob Matthews‘ show Posture and Expression yesterday afternoon I spotted, if not the first robin of spring, then the first pink water of spring in the city’s fountains (this one is on the 15th St. side of City Hall).

Several years back, pranksters put food coloring in the fountains and Mayor Street actually liked it–and he’s been coloring our water fountains pink or blue ever since. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for what color appears when. There’s certainly no announcement of when to look for colored water. And so every once in a while — out of the blue (so to speak) — you get an unexpected treat.

I can’t believe they do this in other cities (let me know if they do). Somehow the whole project seems tres Philly — in keeping with the great Mummers’ traditions. This is not subtle — it’s water strutting its stuff.

There’s another photo at my flickr site (scroll down a little).


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