Gross Clinic Peek, almost

I was at the PMA yesterday talking with Curator of Contemporary Art, Carlos Basualdo and among other things I asked him about what I’d heard from Artblog pal Rob Matthews, namely, that Thomas Eakins‘ The Gross Clinic would be arriving at the Museum today, Friday, Jan. 5. I wanted to know where the piece would be shown and, because Basualdo would know such things, we walked over and peeked into the designated room and saw…not the picture itself but the gilt frame unassembled and in boxes on the floor. There was a low black wood structure on the floor that ran along two adjoining walls presumably to keep people from getting too close to the work, and Basualdo sized up the empty room with skylights (can that be right–the picture has me a little confused–it could be lighting behind glass I suppose) and pointed to the north wall saying that’s where the work will be.

Later, I saw workers going in to the room with tools and took a few pictures of the closed doors. Give me a C for effort here.

Just to situate you, the room is in the hallway for European art that leads to the Modern and Contemporary wing. It’s right off the East entrance on the North Side of the building.

Gross Clinic installation, PMA
Closed for installation on Thursday. Open for viewing at 4 pm today. The room that will house The Gross Clinic has two doors. This is the one in the European art corridor.
The glass doors are the other entry way to the gallery that will house The Gross Clinic. I’m thinking they might want people coming in this way. Click to see it big and you’ll see the blue tape and brown paper on the North wall, presumably where the painting will be.

Not that we’re stalking or anything. But I am very happy for the city and for all of us who cared about this painting. Today’s story by Stephan Salisbury in the Inquirer says the work will be unveiled at 4 PM. and that it will remain at the PMA for a couple months then move to PAFA. You do have to wonder about moving the thing back and forth. Hope it gets to rest at PAFA for longer than a few months.