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Separated at birth? stapler, soap and tile


Laura Braciale
Laura Braciale “Shower Scene”

This painting, from the RISD MFA student show Swapmeet at the Icebox, was in my head when we saw Takashi yasumura’s Domestic Scandals photo show at Yossi Milo in Chelsea last week.

takashi yasumura stapler
Takashi Yasumura’s photo of a stapler at Yossi Milo

Something about the extreme mico-view of the universe in Yasumura’s show Domestic Scandals stuck with me. What’s implied by the oddly-cropped and very painterly photos is a kind of Adrian Monk-like fixation on the orderliness and when not orderly the out of place-ness of life’s tiniest moments.

I may come back to this because I’m intrigued by the photos that look like paintings and by Yasumura’s detective-live view of life. But that’s all for now — just a little eye candy. Get over to see that Yasumura show. It’s up til April 14.